Tailor-made service package

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The services of Flipo Energia include repair and maintenance as well as technical support services. We offer maintenance plans tailored to the needs of our customers with individually agreed inspection schedules. We provide reliable emergency power supply on your terms.

The photo shows a KOHLER SDMO generator set during basic maintenance operations.

Basic maintenance covers:

  • change of (oil and fuel) filters
  • oil change
  • air filter cleaning
  • checking connections in the fuel, cooling and exhaust systems
  • checking mechanical connections (screws, nuts, welds)
  • checking V-belts and all moving parts for wear and play
  • checking the battery (batteries)
  • checking electrical connections
  • checking electronic components
  • checking the turbocharger
  • trial runs
  • report on the completed operations, including recommendations

In addition, we offer electrical inspections:

 Electric generator

  • Checking the tightness of connections
  • Cleaning ventilation holes
  • Checking the insulation – insulation resistance check
  • Checking the wires running from the stator to the busbars
  • Visual check of alternator wires
  • Checking the output voltage of alternator
  • Checking the regulator and making necessary adjustments
  • Checking rotating diodes
  • Checking the stator and rotor (insulation, visual inspection)
  • PT100 check
  • Screw tightening
  • Electric generator bearing lubrication


  • Checking the tightness of connections
  • Checking the Kerys cabinet, relay cards, regulation, protection
  • Checking Kerys measuring instruments, analogue indicators
  • Checking and adjusting the timer
  • Checking batteries and chargers
  • Checking batteries and desulphurisation of clamps
  • Checking the battery power level
  • Checking the flow of charger
  • Checking the operation of auxiliary equipment
  • Checking the tightness of fuel tank and exposed pipes
  • Checking the operation of the fuel tank pumps 
  • Checking the operation of ventilator engines and cooler ventilator engines (including electrical measurements)
  • Control measurements of technical container equipment


  • Start-up system testing
  • Emergency stop testing and control
  • No-load testing
  • 1 h load testing with user’s consent
  • Checking the automation of the system, automation trial runs – automatic mode
  • Recording test results and adjustments in trial reports
  • Organising training on the operation of electrical and automatic equipment

Other repair and maintenance operations As a licensed distributor of KOHLER SDMO products in Poland, we have extensive experience in the repair and maintenance of generator sets. Consider an investment in a reliable emergency power supply system.