Technical consulting

Our experienced designers provide professional support to help you choose the right technical solution to ensure uninterrupted power supply and assist you every step of the way.

Designing electrical, plumbing, control and monitoring systems

We provide conceptual design and end-to-end design services for genset systems in compliance with all fire safety, occupational health and safety and power distribution requirements.

We deliver instructions for the grid interaction with the generator set.

Designing custom solutions

We design custom generator set structures tailored to the needs of our customers.

Acoustic performance reports

We deliver acoustic performance plans.

Construction plans for the installation of generator sets

We design the foundations and utility openings for generator sets.



We install the necessary electrical wiring, fuel systems, chimneys, ventilation and monitoring systems of a generator set.

We carry out installations in non-standard sites.

Exhaust systems

We install positive pressure exhaust systems, isolated exhaust systems, double-walled exhaust systems and exhaust systems made of stainless sheet metal.

Fuel systems

We install fuel systems including bulk storage and fuel tanks for daily use.

Cooling and ventilation systems

We install cooling systems, including coolers mounted on the generator set frame and relocated coolers.

We install ventilation systems with silencers and automatically controlled dampers.

Noise reduction

We add noise reducing solutions to rooms, walls and ceilings.

We install acoustic panels.

Electrical systems

We install complete automation control systems for operation of a single generator set, paralleling generator sets or interaction with the power grid for low (400 V) and medium (6000 V) voltages.


We connect devices to the delivered systems. We perform functional testing, power output measurements and noise level measurements. We activate the monitoring systems. We deliver as-built documentation and provide training to your employees. We put the equipment into service and provide necessary repair and maintenance services.