Contract supervision


Technical audit
Determination of the scope of repair and maintenance services
Online consulting on documentation

Emergency technical services / hotline


You can report an error or failure of the power generation set to our preventive maintenance team available 24 hours. Our qualified engineers will take good care of your equipment and provide you with first-class technical support with a fast response time.

Remote monitoring services


Our technicians can monitor the performance of your generator sets online.

Regular technical inspections


– Generator heater check

– Tightness check of lubrication, cooling and fuel systems

– Oil change and change of fuel, oil and air filters, coolant change

– Engine security systems check

– Tightness check of the exhaust system

– Cooling system check, V-belts tension check, electrical connections check

Electric generator


– Control and adjustment of basic electrical parameters of the generator

– Internal and external electrical connections check

– Mechanical connections check

– Insulation resistance check of electric generator windings



– Internal connections check of the power generation set’s automation system

– Security system check

– Power generation set auto start and stop system check

– 30-minute trial run (idle run)

– Generator set performance measurement under load after simulated power outage

– Providing training on basic principles of equipment operation and supplying a list of operation and maintenance activities



– Electrolyte level check and replacement

– Battery efficiency check using a battery tester

– Battery charging system check