Maintenance | Repairs

Engine repair (all brands)

– Engine assessment

– Diagnosis of technical parameters

– Major renovation

Electric generator repair

– Rewinding

– Power output measurements and adjustment

– Replacement of components

Automation and control systems repair

Replacement or restoration of genset automation, ATS and parallel operation systems:

– Operation of a single generator set

– Parallel operation of generator sets

– Parallel operation of generator set and power grid (low or medium voltage)

Auxiliary systems repair

– Fuel tanks

– Fuel supply systems

– Air intakes

– Chimneys

UPS units

– Regular inspections

– Repairs

– Battery replacement

Load bank rental

We rent out load banks up to 2 MW, including wiring, with transport, siting and support available on demand.

Fuel filtration systems

Closed-loop fuel filtration with two-step filtration that removes impurities, water, bacteria, fungi and sludge.