INDUSTRIAL SCALE, 2018, T2500 – 2500kVA ESP

  • Zasilanie Awaryjne - Flipo Energia

As part of this project we restructured the existing electrical wiring of two KOHLER SDMO generator sets and added a brand new 2500kVA T2500 set by KOHLER SDMO. We built a dedicated installation to allow for synchronous operation of all generator sets with the grid.

Thanks to that solution during normal building activity the generator sets can take over part of the load to reduce the consumption of power grid energy.

In addition, cyclical start-up tests can be performed without resorting to external load banks. This results in savings and facilitates maintenance of the generator sets.

Construction of all auxiliary systems (ventilation and fuel systems, chimneys) was included in the project.

COMPLETED: June-December 2018